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Oh, my word

As a child who had a brother much older who was also incredibly smart, I was often forced to change my speech or thought processes to match his. I was yelled at because I liked the shape of the word “Dic” (pronounced “deek”) in my mouth because he knew about the slang for penis with a slightly different pronunciation. Dic was, incidentally, the name of the company that produced cartoons I watched at a neighbor’s house sometimes.

It wasn’t just completely innocent words like Dic, either. I was instructed not to spit, despite the fact that he spit constantly and I was just imitating him because I thought he was cool. Can’t have that now, can we?

I was watching Dr Who‘s Christmas episode called “The New Doctor,” and a man entering the TARDIS for the first time says “Oh, my word.”


Apparently, the Minneapolis Mega Bus stop is somewhere in the South Atlantic

MegaBus stop


So I’m trying to plan a trip to Oregon to see my family and throw myself a Holy-Cow-she-made-it-through-her-Master’s party. I’m checking every available travel option, and one of the choices I’ve heard about is Mega Bus. It’s this really cool, low-cost option for people who travel between certain cities. The buses (I’m told) have really nice seating, Wi-Fi, bathrooms, and most importantly–there’s a lucky duck ticket on every bus for only $1!

Unfortunately, Mega Bus doesn’t go anywhere east of Iowa City. I thought about leaving from Minneapolis, but then I looked at the map to see where the drop-off point is:


Honestly, I wasn’t planning on going that far…


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